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Music Resources

ChoralNet All things choral. Mailing lists, forums, reference materials, an extensive repertoire database.
The Choral Public Domain Library Just what it says! Downloadable choral scores of selections which are in the public domain, i.e. typically time-honored works.
Joseph Patelson Music House This music store, tucked away behind Carnegie Hall, is truly a New York institution! Always a must-visit for me when I am "in town", and does well by its mail-order customers as well.

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The Society for Barefoot Living Lots of info on their web site about the health benefits and other advantages of going barefoot. Debunks many myths about bare feet being illegal or unsafe. If you enjoy going barefoot, consider joining, it is free! (I am a member myself.)
Parents of Barefoot Children Children who go barefoot during their developmental years have far stronger and healthier feet. There are even photos showing that there are still places today where children regularly go to school barefoot, happily and safely, and "the sky does not fall."
Going Barefoot in Nature As the subtitle of the site points out, going barefoot in nature is indeed an activity that was successful for millions of years, and is still healthy and relaxing today.

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Musical Colleagues and Friends

Mark Johnson A vocalist, arranger, sound engineer, music typesetter, and overall you-name-it. Items of interest on his site are his graphical analysis of the Kyrie from Toby Twining's Chrysalid Requiem, and the Sniglets Needed list (that is, a list of concepts needing Sniglets, Sniglets by definition being words for things that don't have words yet!)
Danielle Woerner Soprano Estraordinaire. Also able to leap tall barriers to put forth such logistically complex projects as the concert and now recording-in-progress Voices of the Valley, which featured/features works of such notable Hudson Valley composers as Robert Starer and Peter Schickele (and myself!).
Kairos, a consort of singersA fine 12-voice Hudson Valley a cappella ensemble specializing in early music.
The Gilbert and Sullivan Musical Theater CompanyAnother fine Hudson Valley institution, presenting many fine musicals, both G&S and others.

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Fun, Miscellaneous

Engrish.com Examples of English-language product literature and signs where something was lost in the translation on the way to or from the Orient. Now, if these examples were made up for purposes of amusement, they would be quite politically incorrect. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your sense of humor) they are all real and unintentional, and can be guiltlessly enjoyed as such.
The Infamous Exploding Whale Don't get me wrong. Whales dying is not funny. On the other hand, the task of disposing of an already very dead, beached whale being assigned to the Oregon State Highway Department, and said department deciding that dynamite would be the best disposal method, is laughable and a little scary!
Dave Barry Dave Barry of course was the one who first brought the Exploding Whale to international stardom. Currently he is offering his 2002 Holiday Gift Guide, with such unique and appealing items as The Flatulence Telephone and The Menopause Pop-up Book.
The Church of Spongebob Squarepants For those of you who have children, and find the show Spongebob Squarepants to be somewhat irritating, and an occasional instigator of the parental pleas, "Can we watch something else?" and "Maybe we should turn the TV off and read for awhile", you will be suitably chagrined, as I was, at how insightful and profound (amongst the silliness) The Church of Spongebob is, especially the Tenets and Principles. (It is even more depressing than the degree to which a shower hose sounds like a french horn when equipped with a mouthpiece and bell.)
Official HosaphoneTM Headquarters And speaking of a hose sounding depressingly like a french horn...
The LEGOTM Harpsichord Yes, Virginia, it is possible to build a working harpsichord entirely out of LEGOs (well, except for the strings!)

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Last modified December 23, 2002.
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